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Sachiko Hatsu ([personal profile] heartgemmed) wrote in [personal profile] scalegemmed 2017-02-06 04:49 am (UTC)

[She tries to swallow the burning lump in her throat and at last makes a tentative attempt at speech.]

Yeah. You're right. I-- [She lets out a sound, half laugh and half shuddering sob.] I'm being silly, aren't I? Just listen to me. It's like I don't believe in you, and that's not true.

[After all, Hitomi is so strong. It's something that Sachiko had admired about her, that even with everything that was going on, Hitomi still had time to look out for and care for others. She'd said it herself, after all: she'd been worried, too.

But here she is, comforting Sachiko and telling her that everything is going to be okay.]

Sorry. ["For talking like I don't believe in you," the statement implies.] I'm sorry.

[But left unsaid were other reasons, other apologies entirely. Sachiko wished she could be strong like Hitomi. She wished that it weren't always Hitomi looking out for her, or that she weren't a burden.

She'll work harder. Sometime in the future, she thinks, when this is all behind them and everyone's gotten home safely... When Hitomi needs her... When that time comes, she'll be the one to support her.]

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