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Player name: Soul Mods
Contact info: [personal profile] soulmods
Other characters currently played: Other NPCs.

Character name: Hitomi Amano
Age: 15
Canon: Soulgemmed
Canonpoint: Pre-Entering Nyoi-Cho

Background: You can link your history if it's available.

  • The middle child of her family. Her parents are still together. Her father is a lawyer, and her mother is a doctor. She has an older sister and a younger brother. The sister is flighty and not terribly serious, and the brother is still too young for school.

  • Hitomi is a transfer student from another school district; her family moved when her father got a better job in another city. Hitomi had always been something of a loner, but moving to a new city exacerbated that to extremes. She struggled to speak up and got flustered when trying to make new friends. This made her seem strange and painted an easy target on her back for bullies. The few friends she managed to make eventually left her side when the bullying intensified.

  • Hitomi contracted with Kyuubey when the bullying stopped being just verbal and became physical.

  • For the first month of being a Magi, she tried to work alone and found herself wildly out of her depth. The members of Cyborg Xpress saved her when a witch fight went awry. When she attempted to leave, Hoshiko aggressively recruited her to the team, which only comprised of herself and Sachiko at the time. The girls bonded quickly and became an inseparable team. At first, Hitomi assumed that they would only be friends as magi - but Hoshiko began seeking her out during school hours. Before long, the three of them were eating lunch together from the rooftops.

  • Not long after, Miki and Ayame joined the team. Hitomi was initially jealous and insecure in how the inclusion of the two additional members changed the dynamic, but after a particularly confusing labyrinth appeared and she became lost in the maze with the two new recruits, she found herself bonding with them and becoming attached. She soon grew protective of them as they worked their way into her daily routine and friend circle. For the first time since she could remember, she had friends whom she could count on for anything.

  • When Sachiko and Hoshiko reported anomalies coming from Nyoi-Cho, she was resistant to the idea of investigating it. However, Hoshiko convinced her that it was important to investigate just in case the magi within the town needed their help. With great reluctance she agreed to go, trying to ignore the sinking suspicion in her gut that all was not as it seemed.

Personality: Quiet and studious, Hitomi is the kind of girl who does her best not to stand out in a crowd. When she speaks, she's rather eloquent - almost too eloquent for her age. She enjoys sounding as though she's smarter than the average bear and is prone to romantic metaphors. Furthermore, she has a deep appreciation for literature of all kinds and can most often be found with her nose in a book.

Hitomi is best known as a serious, somewhat shy girl with high aspirations and the goal of becoming a doctor who can help people in need. Before contracting, she had no friends and had a great amount of difficulty connecting with other people. Try as she might, she could not make friends - a fact that made her an easy target for bullies. She firmly believed that eventually, justice would be served and they would have to face the consequences for their actions... but justice didn't come. As a result, she became distrustful and angry of the people around her, something she still tries to reconcile even now.

Once given the opportunity, though, her caring nature leads to her quickly bonding with the other members of Cyborg Xpress and assuming a somewhat motherly role. The longer she spent with them, the less in her shell she was, and the more confident she became in her social interactions outside of them. If she's not reining in Hoshiko's free spirit, she's chiding Miki for being rude or encouraging Sachiko to be more assertive.

That being said... They say you should beware the quiet ones.

Hitomi has a ferocious temper. While she does her best to rein in her emotions and maintain a stoic front, all it serves to do is create a boiling pit of rage just beneath the surface. When provoked beyond her limits, Hitomi attacks without mercy and will not stop unless someone stops her. Her rage is tied in with her sense of justice. She firmly believes that the strong should protect the weak, and her purpose in becoming a magical girl was precisely that - she wanted to become stronger to protect those who couldn't defend themselves.

With great power comes great responsibility, and she's still learning how to balance that. One of her greatest struggles is to not leap in and solve every injustice with her magic, and learning how to restrain herself with her newfound powers. It's something she's learned to control over time, but unfortunately, it's not perfect and she's gotten in over her head more than a few times. If it weren't for her friends, she fears that she'd become just another bully.


PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WISH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE APP. Describe the thoughts and feelings of the character and the events that led to the wish being made, as well as their intentions when making the wish.

"I wish to beat them with all the ferocity of a hurricane!"

Being cornered after class wasn't uncommon for Hitomi. She had spent most of her school days alone, afraid to reach out, and bullied whenever she tried. When the bullying began to get out of hand, Hitomi found more than just cruel words being flung at her. When she was left with nothing but a smashed phone and a broken heart, Kyuubey came to her. Through her tears and pain, she made a wish in anger - to get revenge. It's a split second decision that she doesn't think through: she wants retribution for her pain, and she wants it now.

Hitomi's wish is an inherently selfish one. While her sense of justice and a desire to see it served played a role, it stems primarily from an urge to get revenge and punish those the way they'd punished her. She doesn't just want to see them hurt, she wants to do it herself - and she needs power and brutality that she doesn't possess to do it. Her wish grants her just that: Hitomi gains the ability to fight back against her enemies with a strength she wouldn't possibly possess otherwise... but a wish for raw power, a wish that hasn't been thought through, has its downsides too.

Passive ability:

Please tie the ability to the wish and explain the connection.

Enhanced strength. As Hitomi's wish stemmed from the desire to become physically powerful and fight back against her aggressors, her powers are geared around actively engaging in combat. Though Hitomi is not physically larger or more imposing, she's much stronger than a girl her size should be. Hitomi can lift things twice as heavy as herself and deliver a forceful punch capable of bending metal.

However, only her strength is enhanced. Hitomi's bones are still capable of being broken and she's no more resistant to physical damage than any other magi. Hitomi is fully capable of breaking her own bones by being careless with her strength and as such, has to learn to maintain careful control so she doesn't hurt herself.

Active ability:

Please tie the ability to the wish and explain the connection.

In combat, Hitomi can slam her bat against a surface and release a shockwave from the force of the swing and impact. The force of the shockwave is proportional to how hard she swings the bat against a surface, and can be dodged if the opponent is quick enough.

This stems from the force and hurricane part of her wish. Hitomi wished to have the force of a natural disaster at her fingertips, and her wish was granted with the ability to project these blasts.

Weapon: A bat.


Please note that you can provide either a thread consisting of at least fifteen tags from your character or a third person sample. You do not have to provide both.


A girl with twintails sits at a desk that's far too big for her, thumbing between page after page of handwritten notes with restless anxiety.

As Hitomi enters the room, she notices the slight trembling of her hands, the way her fingers waver as they trace lines of text.

"Sachiko," she intones, making her presence known.

Sachiko flinches in her seat, then cranes her head back to make eye contact with Hitomi. "Oh, it's you," she begins, and it's clear from the tiny forced smile on her face that she's trying her best to seem calm. "What are you doing here? You have to get going. The others--"

"I know." Sachiko's smile fades into an expression of mild confusion, and Hitomi takes a few steps towards her. "It isn't too late for you to come with us. Are you sure you want to stay here by yourself?"

Sachiko opens her mouth to speak, but then she hesitates and closes it again. She laughs a fake laugh. "Who else would help you navigate your way back home if something went wrong?"

When Hitomi still hesitates, she adds, "I'm fine, Hitomi. Really."

Hitomi nods, turning to go. "I'll see you in a few hours, Sachiko."

Because they were coming back. She would absolutely make sure of it.