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March 7th

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[When it comes to certain things, Hitomi is the only person who Sachiko can turn to. That's why Sachiko's decided to give her a phone call.]

Hey, Hitomi? Are you free?
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[Hitomi's answer comes as no small relief, but her response had been so quick that Sachiko can't help but briefly wonder if she'd seen this call coming.

...She wasn't that predictable, was she?]

Yes. Does your place work? If it does, I can be there in the next ten minutes.
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Alright. See you in a bit.

[When she hangs up, her feet are already on the move, propelling her fast towards her destination.

It isn't even eight minutes later when she arrives, closing the front door quietly behind her as she enters Hitomi's house.]
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Oh. [Sachiko's eyes travel to the teacups, and a brief smile appears on her face.] And on such short notice, too.

[She walks over to the table, hesitating as her hand hovers above a cup.] Which one is mine?
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You... [Sachiko stares down at the cups, her eyes moving from the red one to the blue one. Then she brings her hand up to her face and laughs.

If anyone else had done something like that, Sachiko would be awestruck, but it suited Hitomi. It was just the type of thing she'd come to expect from Hitomi by this point - in her every action, she was always thinking of the others, wasn't she?

Already, Sachiko's starting to feel her nervousness ebb away. She takes the blue teacup and brings it to her lips, taking a small sip.

It would be nice if they could just drink tea and unwind together like this for the whole evening, she thinks, but her smile fades when she remembers that that isn't possible. She came here for a reason.]

...Have you talked to Hoshiko?
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[She breathes a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness she isn't alone in feeling this way.]

I agree. Everything she's been saying, everything they've been telling her... None of it makes any sense.

[She runs her unoccupied hand through her hair, heaving another sigh.] And there's too many of them. If they wanted to try anything, we would be vastly outnumbered.
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[She bites at her lip, looking forlornly down at her teacup. Absentmindedly, she swishes the contents of the cup around.]

I don't understand it.

We're not going to be able to talk her out of this, are we? Even though...! Even though she of all people should know how nasty magi can be to each other.
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[Her frown deepens.]

Miki and Ayame... Do you know how they feel about it? Maybe, if we can convince them...

If all four of us were opposed to it, she'd have to listen, wouldn't she?
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...You're probably right.

[There's a reason it was Hitomi she'd decided to call, after all; a reason that Hitomi's the only one she's dared voice these thoughts to.

She raises her head back up to look at Hitomi.]

Then, what should we do? Just go along with her and hope for the best?
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[Sachiko's expression immediately perks up at Hitomi's suggestion.]

That's a great idea! It'd minimize the risk factor considerably, especially if we don't specify the exact location until the day of the scheduled meetup. That way, they won't be able to set a trap for us beforehand.

Plus, if they send too many people out to meet us, we'll know their intentions right away.
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It's perfect.

[Relieved laughter bubbles from her throat.]

Oh, Hitomi, what would we ever do without you?
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I... [She hesitates, then seems to decide that as long as they're being honest with each other about their feelings, she might as well go the whole way.]

I was so scared. When I heard Hoshiko start talking about how she was going to go meet them, I-- all I could think about was all the ways in which it could go wrong, and the more I thought about it, the more scared I grew. But she was so excited about it, and all of a sudden, it felt like she was so far away from me.

"What if something happens to her? What if she doesn't come back?" I couldn't even sleep that night. It was like I'd lost her already.

[Her lip wavers, and she blinks her eyes rapidly, as if to keep from crying.]

If-- if you weren't around, I-I... [She trails off.]
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[Sachiko forces a weak smile onto her face and, with trembling hands, places her teacup back onto the table. The edges of her eyes are burning, and she knows now that she won't be able to hold back her tears.

She doesn't want Hitomi to see her like this, so she pulls her into an embrace, hugging her tightly.

She wants to say something, but as tear after tear begins to fall from her eyes, she realizes that her voice would be a mess if she tried to speak right now; that she wouldn't be able to get her words out properly at all.

So for the time being, she doesn't say anything.]
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[She tries to swallow the burning lump in her throat and at last makes a tentative attempt at speech.]

Yeah. You're right. I-- [She lets out a sound, half laugh and half shuddering sob.] I'm being silly, aren't I? Just listen to me. It's like I don't believe in you, and that's not true.

[After all, Hitomi is so strong. It's something that Sachiko had admired about her, that even with everything that was going on, Hitomi still had time to look out for and care for others. She'd said it herself, after all: she'd been worried, too.

But here she is, comforting Sachiko and telling her that everything is going to be okay.]

Sorry. ["For talking like I don't believe in you," the statement implies.] I'm sorry.

[But left unsaid were other reasons, other apologies entirely. Sachiko wished she could be strong like Hitomi. She wished that it weren't always Hitomi looking out for her, or that she weren't a burden.

She'll work harder. Sometime in the future, she thinks, when this is all behind them and everyone's gotten home safely... When Hitomi needs her... When that time comes, she'll be the one to support her.]
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[A shaky smile makes its way onto Sachiko's face. Why did it seem as if Hitomi always knew exactly what to say to make her feel better? She was always so encouraging, so warm.]

...I'm really glad I met you, Hitomi.